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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blog Radio Love

I'm still soaking up sun out of town this week and with no program upcoming I had to at least break off a piece to the blog readers. Quick reminder that the latest mix is over at Fully Fitted featuring some sounds from the radio and more. If you're already up on it like you should be, I thought I'd provide some links to other radio and blog rockers who's selections I'm really feeling lately. We've heard some of the cuts from all these guys posts on the air at some point:

I don't know much about Helsinki's DJ Anonymous other than he's a record ripping monster, and holds down a radio show in Finland every Saturday night. Between the top quality old vinyl rips, remixes, and nice mixes, he also keeps us up to date on what's going down in Helsinki which is always a good look.

I've been a Matthew Africa fan ever since picking up his Soul Boulders mixtape at my local street wear store that also sells yoo-hoo in the can. Come to find out he holds down a show on KALX in San Fran and has an active blog to boot! You'll find some quality rips, mixes, and great writing on West Coast hip hop history.

Canada's U-Tern holds down his slice of the pie over at Brooklyn Radio with the program One Day Later. His latest edition features throwback boogie producer Dam-Funk who has new material coming out on Stones Throw that James Pants hipped us to a few weeks back. And this OMG collection of live hip hop tapes he reposted makes those two posts in a row absolutely crucial.

One last holler at V101.5 FM down here in the Jacksonville area for providing the greatest vacation soundtrack possible. Smooth RnB and jammin old school all day! Check the stream for an instant getaway, or at least glance the playlist for a taste of what I'm talking about, bio and discog on every artist! (responsible for Little Johnny Taylor photo above). Can't wait for the Keith Sweat Hotel. I'll be jamming to this the rest of the week if I can. One love!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008


A pretty chill playlist for last week's program, getting over whatever bug got into to me. Heard a bunch of new CD's featuring old music, including a rerelease of Roy Ayers Ubiquity Vibrations (amazing), a track from Funky Nassau - The Compass Point Story 1980-1986 (recently reviewed for The Fader by Wayne), and another tune from The Master of Masterpiece 2, featuring music produced by disco production genious Patrick Adams.

I'm off this week for a little summer vacay which means no Mofo Radio this week or next. I encourage you to check out the mix I put together for Chris Devlin and the dudes over at Fully Fitted (should be up soon). You'll recognize a lot of the tunes from recent programs mashed together live in one take. He's hosting a bunch of great DJ's "Live At Home" mixes including Mike2600, 7L, Beyonder, Knife, Prince Klassen, the list goes on and I'm honored to be on it!


I'm back with a vengance in June to hold down this weekly Wednesday along with big things happening at the Milky Way/Zuzu/Enormous Room etc. I'll try and check in from the road with more info on those and other things later this week.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

On the phone with James Pants

Did a quick interview with Spokane beat making visionary James Pants on the air last week. Check out the audio below if you missed it, and the rest of last week's playlist here. We also heard a few of the tracks that made it onto his new album Welcome, out this month on Stones Throw. Hear more at the Pants myspace, with some live dates listed there as well. Nothing east coast yet but we'll keep an ear out for something this summer? Live band you say? Details in the interview! Bonus JP videos on youtube as well! Equally as cosmic as my mans beats!

James Pants interview.

Incidentally, Stones Throw headmaster Peanut Butter Wolf comes to town this Saturday night at the The Good Life, with Mister Jason of the classic Porn Theatre Ushers. I'll be back on the air before then so see me this Wednesday for another edition!


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Ghostdad tour log Vol. 1

Lately I've been DJing like crazy. Like anywhere and everwhere. In wanting to keep some kind of record of all these goings on I'm gonna shout them out here. I try to keep the radio show somewhat separate but I've been playing with a lot of the same names that have appeared on the show so if you missed out on any of these, here's the long short of em, starting wiiiith:

April 13th - Do It Again at Zuzu w/ Chris Devlin - was kind of an industry hangout with lots of other DJ friends who came to hang out. Lots of disco, freestyle, some house, breakfast.

April 15th - Scissor Test w/ Beat Perv - bus to New Hampshire was pimped out with leather seats. Patrick's old school Chicago game was on point. Weird noise music also ensued.

April 17th - fundraiser at the Other Side - I won the skydiving lessons give away but gave it back cuz that looked mad sketch being the DJ and all, walked off with a t-shirt from Bodega instead.

April 19th - Global Guts afterparty at Jacob's - crazy 6 hour set, ended up playing non stop till 6 am and I think people actually liked it.

April 22nd - Work at E-Room w/ Mayhem - post Quicksilver screening (classic) and fun with cougar sound effects. Still hoping this becomes a monthly!

April 24th - Bass Invaders at the Milky Way with Gregzinho - completing the circle from the previous post, Greg came and rocked the latest Rio fire.

April 25th - Solid at Zuzu w/ Die Young - did house and electro 3's with Jamie. Played This Is Acid and the people went nuts?

April 27th - FALAFELCon at Zuzu w/ Lone Wolf - went reggaeton vs. dancehall one for one with Kevin, then freestyle one for one, and finished off with classic ladies, with no recovering from Kev dropping Whitney.

Aprill 30th - Dirty Disco Musk at the Midway w/ Nitetrain - disco and house vinyl all night. Nitetrain didn't miss a beat and even hit us with some new shit. ps. go Newcastle.

May 3rd - afterparty in Somerville - wzbc's Sarah Joy and Will Lynch upstairs and me downstairs, tried to switch it up just in time for the cops to get there.

That brings us up to date. More this weekend with the second installment of Do It Again, this time with Frank White doing possibly an all '45 set. Makes me want to do all 12"s just to compensate. It also looks like I'm doing something last minute at the Milky Way for a show that fell through. So far Ben from Flavorheard on board, hoping for Sam too, haven't played with those guys in a minute. Just like the old days at NU fellas?

But whoa radio radio radio TONIGHT! THIS JUST IN! Phone interview with Mr. James Pants!!! Probably gonna give him a buz around 10:30 so tune in to get the low down on this young Stones Throw visionary! See you tonight!


Monday, May 05, 2008

Gregzinho reps Rio!

A few weeks ago Greg Scruggs aka Grezinho joined us on air and the audio from that show is finally posted below! The first hour is me playing some random vinyl and mpthrees while Greg sent some important emails. He's clearly a busy man, having just helped release the Funkeiros E Progresso (Funkeiros and Progess) EP and Pancadao Do Morro (big hits from the hillside) compilation on the Philly based Flamin' Hotz label. In the last two hours of the program Greg fills us in on Funk Carioca, from classics to current, as well as the good, bad, and ugly side of how this music is distributed outside the favela. You can find Greg's own writings at Beat Diaspora (here's his bit on the comp, be sure to buy this "fair trade funk!!"), and you can check out the non profit he's associated with in Rio at He's pictured above rocking the most recent Bass Invaders, aptly renamed Invasores Do Baixo for yet another Brazilian infused dance party. Was a great time!

Gregzinho on the program.

I'm back on air this Wednesday with perhaps a phone interview on the docket, not confirmed so I don't want to say anything yet. Last week with Nitetrane was awesome (we're going to try and have him on the air soon too) and I'm playing another Sunday night this week at Zuzu with Chris Devlin and special guest Frank White (Do It Again is a movement). Might check in before then with more details. I've been playing like crazy lately. Tour log in the works! Till then...


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