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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ghetto Tech is a movement.

Still on break from radio land but here's number two of the supplementary posts I've been meaning to get off my chest. With a fair amount of other straight techno shows on late night radio, I sometimes try to bring different side of electronic music. Growing up in New Jers I DJed my fair share of high school dances where when someone asked you to play club music, it meant basically the same three Cajmere tracks, none of which had anything to do with remixed top 40. Put crudely the difference was between "white people" and "black people" club music, the later sometimes called booty, ghetto tech, or quite simply, clUb (emphasis on the U). With "white people," or mainstream club tracks more accessible through distro and pop radio play, urban club styles have developed in small pockets surrounding cities, each city having it's own distinctive movement. But they aren't without their influence over one another. In Jers someone always had a cousin or brother or friend from someplace else that would hook it up with a tape and show them how they get down. It's not only the music, but the dance styles that truly define each ghetto tech scene. Word of mouth and tape trading has given way to the Internet and online battles over which dances and music make the style. I can't claim to be an expert on any one of these movements, but there are enough Youtube vids and tracks floating around for you to see for yourself what's going on in some of the club tracks Cher doesn't sing over. Here's a roundup of recent Internet artifacts I've found by city.


Arguably the birthplace of ghetto club music as an offshoot of the early days of Chicago house. One thing for sure is that the music has gotten a whole lots faster, prompting some quicker moves to keep up. In Chicago, they Juke. Sometimes associated with grinding your junk, most of the time associated with straight footwork. Check this out.

Excerpt from DJ Slugo DVD:

Names: DJ Slugo, DJ Funk, Cajmere, Waxmaster


Another city claiming to be ghetto tech's origin, but this time with Detroit techno as a main influence. The Chicago/Detroit connection is strong as seen through DJ Godfather's Databass label. Detroit music and moves are more technical and some claim they started the whole footwork game too.

This shit is extra fast:
Names: DJ Assault, DJ Godfather

Tristate rep

Hate to group New York and Philly but I don't know enough about either one to differentiate. Jers also has to get in there cuz that's where I came up. While I've seen Chicago and Bmore tracks role through these cities and suburbs there also a handful of NY, Pilly, and Newark Brick City producers making club tracks. The dancing going on lately is strictly "Wu Tang." The name might come from the Karate like nature of the dance, or maybe some Wu remixes, but either way cats are duking it out in the club and on YouTube trying to see who can Wu Tang better then who. The signature Wu Tang track, a chopped up percolator beat with added vocals, comes from DJ Taj who I think is actually out of Alabama.

Wu Tang slide part 2:

Names: Bamabounce, DJ Tamiel, Disco D, Lowbudget.


Actually getting a lot of press and play all over the place right now, Baltimore has a deep history of home grown music. Even their hip hop is pretty distinctive. Somewhere between the northeast and dirty south, the jump off on these tracks has spread in both directions. The battle over the proper way to "Rock Off" rages on over youtube, and while the Wiki is a bit bloated with people trying to fit their names in edgewise, the basics are there.

Dudes rockin in the street:

Names: Booman, Rod Lee, Technics, Tittsworth, Frank Ski.

While each area may carry it's own flare, it's all these styles coming together that really makes up the Ghetto Tech movement. Miami bass and house are the two historical ingredients that keep this music quick and nasty, but nowadays even the sub genres are being mashed and blended together. This post merely scrapes the surface of the latest goings on, the story goes much deeper. Thanks to some posted audio, video, and trash talk, the ghetto tech scene continues to progress over the net. Other stops on the trail include the Ghetto Tech, Ghetto House, and Miami Bass Wiki's, as well as the countless YouTube videos posted by DJ's and Club heads everywhere. I remember hearing this music first called "Booty" on Small Changes Nickel and Dime radio on good old WFMU back in the day in Jers. I was even more amped on it after seen Ruben Fleischer's short Ghetto Tracks. All things worth a look.

That does it for this spot. Feels good to get all those links in one place. Still gone for this week's edition but the official Mofo jump off in 07 is happening Wed, January 10th so be sure to tune in! Happy new year! Let's make it a good one!


Monday, December 25, 2006

Holiday Thanks! Boston Radio Roundup!

Christmas time is here, and in my failing efforts to get any sleep at my folks house, I thought I'd take some time to shout out to some spaces on the Boston radio dial I'm most thankful for year round! Here are some radio shows that have provided me extra inspiration, and if you
like what Mofo Radio has to offer, perhaps they'll catch your fancy as well.

Beyond the QE2 with DJ Duo and Carlos B.

Gotta shout out my ZBC heads first. If there ever has been an INSTITUTION for underground electronic music in Boston, THIS IS IT! 12 years doing it! With past guest DJ's that read like a laundry list of people doing it under/above ground, and playlists that touch on the gems of every genre of dance music, this is your one stop for next level shit. Dudes were spinning Baltimore before it was even know as just that! Enlightenment doesn't come easy though. You'll have to catch Duo and Carlos between 1 and 6 am on Sunday (Saturday late nights). So while they may listen in with breakfast in Europe, and before going out on the west coast as Duo states in the Phoenix, you may have to listen when you come back IN in Boston. But make sure you tune in before calling it a night, it'll be well worth. Their website seems to be down but in the meantime check Duo's space and of course WZBC central for updates. Throwback flier above via Teep.

Gulls Window Circus

A friend of mine clued me into this ZBC show cuz of all the Acid stuff they were playing. Little did I know there was mad old school house and funky disco where that came from. Looking though the playlists we've even got some of the same favorites! Carl T. holds it down Tuesdays in the specialty slot from 5 to 7 pm. You'll also find upbeat electro and some other randomness thrown in the mix, and Carl keeps up a record review just as eclectic. Definitely something to stay on top of in addition to the weekly on air offering!

Radio Sandwiches with Nick

On to WMFO and a dude you've heard me talk about before, so I'll keep this short. Nick is one fresh DJ with a record collection anyone would die for. He schooled me with his knowledge of Bmore and ghetto tech, and manages to slice up different genres every week. Hip hop, electro, freestyle, dancehall, special guests, what more can you ask for?! So here's a big reminder to get down with Nick Tuesdays from 7 to 8 on WMFO and check the show schedule for future updates and weekly archive.

Galactic Fractures

More MFO love and a show that is the premier spot for funk and soul in Boston. Spanning the genre from early 45's to disco hits, host PJ Gray's rule of thumb is keeping it "deep" and "raw." While it's almost to the point of taboo these days to cut up generic funky breaks into modern day tracks, it's deep diggers like PJ that remind us where that sound really comes from, and the power it held through the 60's and 70's outside the ears of the mainstream. The weekly program is 12 to 2pm Sunday, and podcast in addition to the terrestrial feed. The blog is also not to be slept. You'll find PJ causing a live scene at funk soul night Soullelujah, and occasionally at places like the Middlesex and Enormous Room.

Lullabies Help the Brain Grow

Here's a show I luckily stumbled across while searching the dial. Rotating hosts Jess and Jonathan cart out a whole lot of wax weekly. They were on some disco shit the first time I tuned in, but it's all fair game with dub, reggae, techno, and hip hop all finding their way into the mix. Tuesdays 10 to Midnight is when you'll find these goings on, and on WMBR no less. Another golden stop and absolute must on the radio dial. Check their space and for updates and archives as well as the MBR schedule for show times.

Grown Folks Show with Uncle Khary

Not to say I've saved the best for last, but let's just say this is the most undiscovered greatness I've mentioned thus far. Residing on WRBB, where I lead my double radio life, Big Khary brings the perfect mix of local hip hop, old school, island music, and general mayhem to the studio. Sometimes he roles deep with a co-hosts BygSev, and a crew of whoever else is down to shoot the shit about what it really means to be "grown folks." Just one of the many solid long running local shows WRBB has to offer, but that's a post for another day. If you know one thing it's tune in Sundays between 3 and 5pm to get down.

And more and more and more...There's got to be countless shows I've listened to on the radio I've never had time to come back too, or even caught the name of for that matter! There are even shows right now I can think of that must go without mentioning as this post is getting long. But a heartfelt thank you to all DJ's in community, public, and/or independent radio for making it happen across the dial.

A final word to say RIP to a man who inspired us all, not to mention every slab of wax I play on my own show, the godfather James Brown. You will be missed soul brother.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

3 weeks overdue

Serious slack in my department. End of semester craze caught up to me, but the program's been going on as usual. Playlist links for archival purposes of the 13th, 6th, and have I posted Nov. 29th? Well there it all is for when you're reeeally bored. A few links to report:

Glitch, grime, and gunshots in November from DJ Spooky's Party Package. Link via Mudd Up with a nice new site by the way. All good things.

More Kuduro tracks the week after that from an awesome post of Haitian beats courtesy of Rikool Joint Selecta. G Classic and Full Blast yah! Holler at Ayres also for his Public Enemy turned Jay remix of Show Em What You Got. Anyone hitting up rub new year?

Still digging through the mountain of vinyl I recently picked up. I'll try to put together some highlights but for now check the playlists for any random gems. I'm officially out of town for the holidays so that may have to wait, but I am going to try and post a little from my hometown locale with perhaps some end of the year rap ups and Boston shout outs. Stay tuned for any of that! Till then, I'm in New Jers so tristaters get at me if you're trying to hang out! Peace easy,


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