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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Exclusive Interview with Cadence Weapon!!!

Pardon my absence in the last week and thanks again to Drew for filling in last Wednesday. Sunday night listeners may have heard me in place of Void Expression though not advertised. I was off watching Cadence Weapon at the Middle East. He rocked an awesome live set (video proof above) and was good enough to chat for a few minutes before the show. Interview aired last night but here it is again if you slept:


And that aint all! Exclusive interview happening again next week with non other then Spank Rock! He'll be in town Sunday night playing the Middle East Upstairs, so make sure to check him out then, and then catch the interview Wednesday (unfortunately taped again, dudes are only in town for the weekend).

In the arts and culture page, be sure to check out Sharing Is Daring, starting tonight at the Adams Art Space at Harvard University. It's Boston's first ever Creative Commons Art Show, featuring works all using Creative Commons licensing. The show will run for a few weeks, but I'll be heading out to the opening tonight featuring live performances and the artists in person chatting it up about their work. Not to be missed.

That's all for this week. Be sure to tune in again next Wednesday for more mixed up music and an interview with Spank Rock and his whole crew. One love,


Sunday, April 16, 2006

italo space line

More house classics this week. Had some questions about Black Devil, who have been reissued by Rephlex records and probably some other electronic labels along the way. Originally released in 1978 Disco Club is a dug up take on dark Italo Disco styling using all live synths and instruments! Crazy!!!

We also heard some music from the Line Space Line archives, featuring improvised live performances from some modern music greats, both LA local and not. They've got a few minutes from every show digitized for your listening pleasure and there's some pretty cool stuff among the MP3's.

That's all for me...for now. Had a pretty busy week. Cadence Weapon this week at the Middle East and I might have to hit it up in hopes of acquiring some audio or an interview. Stay tuned for more info! Till next week!


Saturday, April 08, 2006

Dueling Atco Kings

Dueling Kings from Atco Records in this week's playlist (King Curtis pictured above). The late King Floyd's track comes courtesy of Oliver Wang's Soul Sides blog. I fully intend to check out his new Soul Sides compilation available over at Turntable Lab.

Food For Animals put on a great show last week, but it was the last minute discovery of Jason Forrest playing that made it imperative I go. Nothing is funner then watching this dude rock out! Check the video if you don't believe me!

Posting from New Jersey this week as I help my brother out with his recording project this weekend. This will allow me to dig a little through my personal vinyl archives, growing moldy in my parent's house. If you've got any dug up vinyl gems of your own you find deserving, don't hesitate to send them my way, lest you resign to keep them top secret and then never do nothin with em! JERKS!!! Spread the knowledge. Peace.


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