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Monday, May 05, 2008

Gregzinho reps Rio!

A few weeks ago Greg Scruggs aka Grezinho joined us on air and the audio from that show is finally posted below! The first hour is me playing some random vinyl and mpthrees while Greg sent some important emails. He's clearly a busy man, having just helped release the Funkeiros E Progresso (Funkeiros and Progess) EP and Pancadao Do Morro (big hits from the hillside) compilation on the Philly based Flamin' Hotz label. In the last two hours of the program Greg fills us in on Funk Carioca, from classics to current, as well as the good, bad, and ugly side of how this music is distributed outside the favela. You can find Greg's own writings at Beat Diaspora (here's his bit on the comp, be sure to buy this "fair trade funk!!"), and you can check out the non profit he's associated with in Rio at He's pictured above rocking the most recent Bass Invaders, aptly renamed Invasores Do Baixo for yet another Brazilian infused dance party. Was a great time!

Gregzinho on the program.

I'm back on air this Wednesday with perhaps a phone interview on the docket, not confirmed so I don't want to say anything yet. Last week with Nitetrane was awesome (we're going to try and have him on the air soon too) and I'm playing another Sunday night this week at Zuzu with Chris Devlin and special guest Frank White (Do It Again is a movement). Might check in before then with more details. I've been playing like crazy lately. Tour log in the works! Till then...


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