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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Acid Brass and then some...

pic via RobotLoveSongs

Music from Acid Brass in last week's playlist, adding to pool of dope brass music I've been feeling lately. Brass bands are nerdy enough as is but covering acid house hits takes this to a new level of nerddom with some really pleasing results. This Jeremy Deller guy has got this music/art/conceptual mashup mentality right, mapping out the whole process for the gallery (pictured above). Surprised it took me so long to get down on this. Some mp3s have been graciously shared on The Stranger's music blog.

Music from Dan Deacon before that. He'll be coming to town July 12th at the Middle East (more info blogged here). Dan Deacon also dips into the music/art/performance world with several video collaborations scattered around the web. His near constant tour schedule has also resulted in some good live footage. Looks like a hell of a time!

And a little tambourine medley before that. Soul Searcher's Blow Your Whistle as sampled in the new Eve joint. Wasn't sure at first, but I slowed it down and it's all there. "A Zillion Tambourine's" from AmmonContact after that (who I seriously can't put down lately). BONUS google image search via Giessel (and Chubby Cox).

Quick nod to Beat Research last night with awesome sets from RNDM and a super special surprise set from DJ Ripley! Had no idea she was on the bill but was pleasantly surprised to hear her totally murdering it late into the evening. Going to try to have her swing by the show sometime this summer!

That does it for me. Join me again tomorrow night for another go around. Till then,


Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Caught a great doc on La Lupe (the Queen of Latin Soul) on PBS. Often overshadowed by Celia Cruz, La Lupe (the Queen of Latin Soul) is a legend of Latin music in her own right. Her too sexy performance style, love hate with Tito, dance with Santeria and unfortunate fall from the music industry make for a compelling story. I'm being careful to always use her bi-line because she apparently wouldn't appear on stage without it. We heard the audio from the video above in the show this past week. Check out the rest of the playlist here.

Music from Gaslamp Killer also in this past week's playlist. His mixes, original beats, and general blurred sonic mashery are starting to make the rounds much thanks to his employer. He also has his own site with downloads and infos over there. I'm liking what I hear so far.

Also an excerpt from MPC's Baile Dancehall Mixtape. Can't remember who pointed me to this one (think is was Mudd Up) but who knew the slower side of Baile could get along so well with dancehall/dubstep? More from MPC here.

That's all for program notes. Thanks to those of you who came out Beat Research last Monday (be sure to go see DJ RNDM playing this coming week). And thanks for the great feedback on the mix. I know it's short but there's more to come I promise. If you still haven't gotten around to it, download it post haste! It's also the front page over at Ghostdad Central (with fancy flash player and everything oooooo). Another radio show happens tomorrow night. Join me then wont you?


Monday, June 11, 2007

Grab it here first!

Download it here

Here it is, the arrival, part one of what will be a summer series of mixtapes all loosely based around different themes. For this one (Up To The Minute) I wanted to add some flavor to a bunch of new 12 inches I've been buying lately with some old 12 inches from the stacks. These are all gonna be fairly short for quick turnaround so download this 20 minutes of heat now! If you're lucky you can grab a hard copy of this one at Beat Research tonight. I only printed up a few so get there early and shoot me some secret code speak and I'll hook it up. But get there early anyway cuz I'm the first one playing! Mixtape tracklist:

The Latin Project - Lei Lo Lai
The Pase Rock - Lindsay Lohan's Revenge
Enur f. Natasja - Calabria
Nephews of Fela - Uhuru Mashup
Sniper - Zulu
DJ Blaqstarr - Check Me Out Like
Rod Lee - Dance A Little Bit
Mfon - Dance of the Drunk Mantis
Sagat - Luvstuff
Bamabounce - Me And You
Arabian Prince - Statix

Big ups to George Kush and J. Jonah Jameson for having me out to the Chinatown spot on Friday night and to their Shakedown show on Sunday. There should be audio from the show up at their web camp soon.

More shouts for me and Giessel, tonight, Enormous Room, I think I'm starting at like 10, Beat Research, HIT IT UP!


Friday, June 08, 2007

Giessel in the studio!

Giessel came by the studio to drop some sellections from his crates this past Wednesday. A big ass reminder that we're playing Beat Research together this Monday at Enormous Room in Cambridge. Listen to the first hour of Giessel's set for a preview of what he'll be bringinya:

Giessel on Mofo Radio

Completely accurate playlist here. We chilled and jammed the rest of the show as well so that should all be on there. As for my own preview, I'll be giving it you Monday when I drop the first installment of what will be a summer of (short) mixtapes! I've been back to hording vinyl again and as an exercise in my obsession with 12"s I'm gonna try and bring a series of short mixes with fresh themes over the course of the summer. Let's see how many I can get done! The first one's called "Up To The Minute."

But let's save all that for Monday. For now, take the weekend to digest the Giessel and Colbourne audio from these last two absolutely killer weeks!

Other shouts for this weekend include openings here and here. Then J. Jonah and George Kush at a Chinatown loft party tonight I might drop some music at (although I have no idea where yet), and a visit to their show Sunday Night Shakedown on 'RBB Sunday. All leading of course up to the pinnacle event and mixtape series kickoff Monday at Beat Research! It's gonna be a busy one.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Joseph Colbourne and Ben Sisto on air!

This past weekend's Color was a huge success, but before Joseph rocked the Milky Way he stopped by the station along with Ben Sisto for a quick set on Mofo Radio! The playlist is only half accurate, so download the audio here, better yet stream that shit:

Joseph Colbourne and Ben Sisto on Mofo Radio part 1

Joseph Colbourne and Ben Sisto on Mofo Radio part 2

To make sure I get sufficiently multimedia on you peep out Ben's photos from the on air get down Wednesday and in Milky Way Friday. Here's some more info on these two...

As discussed Joseph Colbourne is no stranger to the airwaves. He currently holds down a weekly slot with Viva Radio online. He also put in an appearance on Galactic Fractures on wmfo not too long ago. Between his show, blog, and now monthly dance party at the Milky Way there are numerous ways to get down with this authority on italo, disco and funk.

Ben Sisto is one of the masterminds that keeps Boston happening. Formerly of Honeypump fame Ben is currently behind Cloud City and works booking and promo at The Milky Way where he was able to bring us Color. You can check his online writings at Scenefeeder and art happenings at OBFAT. Ben played us some yet to be released music from Nightfingers.

Thanks again to those guys for coming out. Looking forward to the next Color on July 6th. Speaking of dates, I'd almost forgotten I'm playing Beat Research this Monday (June 11th)! Andrew Giessel and I will be there spinning tunes, and we'll even give you a taste live on the air tomorrow night. That's right no kidding! Mofo keeps the guests coming with Giessel for a preview of Monday's Beat Research. Giessel's day gig in (ahem) neuroscience gives him some serious chops for freaking beats by night. With our Max powers combined, we're hoping to bring you some flipped out sounds, so join us in the lab tomorrow night to see what we can come up with. That's 10pm on wzbc with Giessel. More Monday info to follow.


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