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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

tonight in lieu of radio


Sorry to the listeners. This was one of those situations where I double booked it forever ago but then thought I might try and do some kind of live feed on air type thing. That requires someone in house to engineer over at the studio though and was a no can do on short notice. If you're in the JP area try and come though! The Nitetrain set is going to be a seriously rare treat. You might have seen him on the T but make no doubt this guy's crates go deep:

That's tonight at the Midway. Keep an eye on this space though, that Gregzinho audio will be up soon I promise!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beat Pervert in the building

Beat Pervert joined us on the air last week and I've finally got the audio streaming below. He dropped a bunch of classic club 12's and ripps on us in addition to a neat a tidy hip hop set and even some throwback hardcore? Has to be heard to be believed! Catch him weekly at the Scissor Test in NH of course, and on the blog front at Drunk and Focused. And while he's in Boston hopefully on the local tip as well! Playlist here.

Beat Perv on the air.

Tonight! Gregzinho in the studio to share knowledge on points south. Way south. Like Brazil south. Baile Funk is just one part of this Harvard kid's multifaceted thesis on Favela culture so tune in to obtain knowledge. Also serving as a preview and shameless plug for tomorrow night's Bass Invaders! Flyer below. Catch you tonight and maybe tomorrow?


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Hampshire brings the ruckus

Catching up from no program last week. Playing at the Red Door in New Hampshire tonight with the infamous Beat Perv and some other interesting acts. Bulletin repost below:

Really big show tonite with live performances from Brian Levin who you may know from the many great bands he has played in like my personal favorite The Antithesisters, he will be doing a solo set but he will be playing with some awesome folks tontie so come out and be amazed

Next we have the scissor test debut of Asami yamazaki who does some crazy electronic glitch shit that was birth out of the mind of the loniliest girl in tokyo
The Lonliest Girl In Tokyo

And cause we love going overboard we are bringing out one of Boston's finest djs Ghost Dad to make you shake your ass

plus I will be playing records too and generally just being fly

This all goes down at the red door from 9-1 no cover and 2 dollar prbs

If you can't make it all the way up to New Hammy, tune in Wednesday night to hear Beat Perv live on the air! One love,


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

two week wrap up is due...

There will be no Mofo Radio tomorrow night. My college career is coming to a close, and in fact comes to it's pinnacle at NU's Senior Music Tech recital tomorrow night. Should you find yourself in the Fenway area feel free to peek at my secret musical life of electronic composition and extended multimedia techniques (snooze fest? hope not!). I think we heard some choice cuts last week and two weeks ago. I'd pull out highlights if I had time but things are crazy right now. Here's the the flyer for tomorrow:

Lloyd's Lama in Agadez.mp3
BONUS! Above is a mix of something I'll be presenting live tomorrow night for turntable and midi controllers. Spacey at the top but I think it's fire at around 3:15. Give it a look!

Going into the weekend we've got two nights in a row worth hitting up at the Milky Way. The first features our main man Lone Wolf and former WZBC'r Philomina:

Followed up on Friday by Flack, C, and Ripley at the lounge and lanes. Bouncement family affair! Not to be missed!

And just cuz I don't sleep lately, Sunday night aint nothing but another chance to Do It Again:

Following alladat I'm going to be making good on that Portsmouth party I never played, and hopefully we'll have the Beat Perv himself in the studio that week as well. Tune in to find out! Look for us in the iTunes college music directory cuz we're famous like that! All that's if I wake up out of the sleep I'll be at some point. Wish me luck!


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