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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A favorite from the crates...

Forgive me for sleeping. Had a pretty busy week but I figure an entry is better late then never. While I'm sure the playlist is still fresh in your minds from last Wednesday, take a gander here if you want to re-examine.

Started with some music from "Panama! Latin, Calypso & Funk On The Isthmus 1965-75" new on Soundway Records. Special thanks to Oliver Wang over at Soul Sides for spilling the beans on this awesome, all be it, compilation of tracks. Oliver keeps an awesome tally of all things classic funk soul as well as new music so be sure to check him out! Props also to Dusty Groove on carrying it. They're the shit.

More Music from Jack DeJohnette who gave us some vocals this time on his record Inflation Blues. His records on ECM blow me away, featuring him on drums, piano, trumpet, and now vocals, there's nothing this guy can't do. Hit up his wikipedia entry for all the info and check out his official site, he's still crankin!!

We also heard again from Diplo, remixing RJD2 this time on a supplemental release to Since We Last Spoke featuring remixes from Diplo and Haul and Mason (where have those dudes been?). Solid stuff on both sides and you can hear it all in the Def Jux Juke Box. I slept on all three Soul Position performances that were supposed to have happened last week but if you managed to hit any up let me know how they were. Be sure to catch Diplo along with Mad Decent label pioneers Bonde Do Role at Great Scott on July 17th! I know it's a bit in advance but this show should sell out if Boston knows what's good. Should be tight in a small venue. I heard they're hitting up Warsaw in Brooklyn as well.

A final shout out to Google Pages, granting 100 free megabytes web storage to all! I've already cashed in and this will allow me to post more audio and all that good stuff so I promise more mp3s in the future. In the meantime I'll be with you all again within 24 hours so I think it can wait.


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